Many people in the web 2.0 business are twitter users. Ok not all of them are very active, but they get the general idea. Let’s face it #irc is quite web 1.0 and microblogging seems the perfect way to share information within your organization. So a lot of these companies started using yammer, instead of twitter since they didn’t want their sometimes confidential internal communication to end up in the wrong hands.

Today I came across an open source microblogging tool. Maybe you already heard about an alternative to twitter which is based on the StatusNet software (formerly called This software is open source and can be downloaded here. The software is based on php and mysql and has some dependencies on gd and curl.

In about 30 minutes the site was up and running. The documentation and especially the installation instructions were a bit outdated, so it was pretty much a trial and error thing. I had some issues getting gd and curl enabled for php and I struggled a bit with the fancy urls (e.g. in stead of a url with lots of parameters) required some changes to the AllowOveride attribute in apache. If you want to get an idea what can be configured your best bet is the config.sample.php. This file contains a lot of commented settings which you can experiment with.

So today some of the ebuddy team already started experimenting with our internal twitter like system. The idea is everyone can inform others of events, from a build going to staging or inform people of an issue. We can also integrate it with our continuous integration server (TeamCity) via jabber and our monitoring tools, so together with the ‘human’ updates everyone can subscribe to the information which is relevant to them. Like twitter it has search capability, and since updates have timestamps, this also provides an event log.